Why IIC Partners?

IIC Partners has offices in over 30 countries and a global network of over 350 consultants. We conduct retained executive search and leadership advisory services for the world’s leading Fortune 500 companies across a diverse range of industries and functions.


We build relationships and partner with established retained search firms that share a passion for quality, integrity, and delivering superior results for our clients.


IIC Partners provides your firm with a global footprint in over 30 countries while retaining the local identity and brand you’ve worked hard to create.


For further information on the benefits of IIC Partners membership, please contact
Christine Hayward, Executive Director, at chayward@iicpartners.com or by phone on +1 646 267 7932. 



Global Market Intelligence

What do you gain out of the practice groups?

"International market intelligence is key and having that knowledge to share with clients is invaluable. The practice groups allow you to share business and work as a truly international retained search firm where you can show a global presence to your clients..."

More on why Jane joined IIC Partners ...

Jane Christopherson

Managing Partner
The Curzon Partnership
London, United Kingdom

Trusted Partnerships

Why did you choose IIC Partners?

"We were not looking to expand our client base, but expand with our clients and serve their needs internationally. We trust our partners..."

More on why Ole joined IIC Partners ... 

Ole Petter Melleby

Managing Partner
ISCO Group
Oslo, Norway


Global Collaboration

Why did you choose IIC Partners?

"We felt the need to join an international network for many years before joining IIC Partners. The first global network we joined did not work out well, and we left. We were intrigued by the collaboration..."

More on why Charlotte joined IIC Partners ... 

Charlotte Eblinger

Managing Director
Eblinger & Partner
Vienna, Austria


Independent Brands

What is your favorite part about being a member?

"My favorite part of being a member is the sense of belonging to a global organization that is more than just a network. IIC Partners offers something beyond membership - I have the pleasure of..."

More on why Paul joined IIC Partners ... 

Paul Po-Ping Lien

Senior Partner
PCI Executive Search Consultants
Beijing, P.R. China


Cultural Learning

What is your favorite part about being a member?

"IIC Partners has exposed me to many new cultures that offer fresh perspectives on life and business. These experiences have enriched not only my own perspectives on business and culture, but..."

More on why Todd joined IIC Partners ... 

Todd Hohauser

Harvey Hohauser & Associates
Detroit, USA

Global Solutions

Have you done any international collaboration with other IIC Partners members?

"IIC Partners provides us access to other collaborative entrepreneurs around the globe who help spark ideas and share best practices to the benefit of growing our firm..."

More on why Paul joined IIC Partners ...

Paul Dinte

Founder, CEO & Chairman
Dinte Executive Search
Washington D.C., USA