Hoffman & Associates
Brussels, Belgium

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Boulevard de la Woluwe 62Brussels, B-1200, BelgiumPhone: +32 2 779 52 52Fax: + 32 2 779 83 40search@hoffman-associates.behttp://www.hoffman-associates.be/


Hoffman and Associates was incorporated in 1987 in Brussels, Belgium to serve local and international executive search markets. 

Our firm is structured to search for Directors, Managers and experienced Specialists with confirmed track records in their field on behalf of international corporations (Belgium-based HQ or subsidiaries) and Belgian companies. More than 90 per cent of assignments handled relate to positions based in Belgium and Luxembourg. 

H&A Consultants have prior experience in line management and a senior expertise in global executive search. They are supported by a team of Research Associates They all possess a combination of strong local market knowledge and international exposure. Each team member is fluent in English, French and Dutch, among other languages. 

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