Höchsmann & Company KG Executive Search Consultants
Düsseldorf, Germany

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Immermannstraße 35Düsseldorf, D-40210, GermanyPhone: +49 (211) 82 89 45 - 0Fax: +49 (211) 82 89 45 - 19info@hoechsmann.dehttp://hoechsmann.de/


Höchsmann & Company KG is a HR consultancy operating in the domestic and international arena. We specialize in Executive Search, always going the extra mile to identify managers and executives who will be the perfect fit for your organization. It is mostly the case that the best people are not actively seeking a career move. We use industrial networking and professional research methods to source the most suitable candidates; we assess their competencies and once we have established that this is the right move and fit for the candidate and your company, it is our shared task to convince the candidate to join your organization.

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