Hemisferio Izquierdo Executive Search Consultants
Santiago, Chile

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Enrique Foster Sur 277 - Las CondesSantiago, ChilePhone: +56 2 2334 4605Fax: +56 2 2334 4606http://www.hemisferio.cl/


Hemisferio Izquierdo is one of the leading companies in our country in the seeking and selection of executives. 

The quality of our services is based on 16 years of experience. More than 30 multinational companies of first order have worked with Hemisferio Izquierdo as well as almost 50 national firms, which include from the very important ones to emergent companies and law firms. 

Being a member of IIC Partners network of firms present in 36 countries in all continents, is another factor, which strengthened the quality and the global scope of the services, offered by Hemisferio Izquierdo. 

The trust and discretion has been a constant in the existence of Hemisferio Izquierdo, very much valued by all clients, which has been shown by most of them by developing a permanent consulting relationship. 

All the above has been carried out with a policy of Fair Prices, because although we belong to the international network, it still remains a company 100% nationally owned, which avoids the payment of dividends or expensive royalties.

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